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Packing Fragile Items

Top 5 Ways To Pack Your Fragile Items

When you’re getting ready to move, nothing is more stressful than packing and moving your fragile items without breaking them. After all, your boxes will be moved around a lot, so extra care is needed to make sure they arrive at their new home in one piece. There are some easy tips and tricks you can use to make sure your items arrive in the same condition they were packed in. So, we made a list of the top 5 ways to pack your fragile items.

1. Choose the best boxes for shipping

When moving fragile things, it’s always best to put them in separate boxes or containers that are smaller. Not only does it make the box easier to move, but it also gives your things less room to move around inside. You should also look for strong, long-lasting boxes and get rid of any that feel weak or have been damaged by water. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are surprisingly strong and durable. Some of the boxes even have double walls, which give your fragile items even more protection. These packing containers will protect any kind of ceramic or glass well.

2. Choose the Right Cushion

Once you’ve chosen the right boxes, the next step is to choose the right padding for fragile items. Depending on what you’re packing, you’ll need different kinds of padding.
If you only need to move a few things, you can just pick up some “brown paper” and crumple it up to fit into all the spaces in your boxes. It can also be put between things that are fragile, like plates. This is cheap padding that will protect your fragile items and keep them from moving. As well as towels and foam, bubblewrap is another great alternative that will protect your most fragile items better. Make sure to put a layer of padding on the bottom of the box as well, to protect your things when the box is put on the ground.

3. Wrap your items completely in padding

Even if you are only moving a short distance, there will be bumps along the way. Make sure you have enough cushioning around your fragile items to keep them from moving around while you’re transporting them. This means that there shouldn’t be any empty space around the items. After you pack a box, you can give it the “shake test” to see how well your things will hold up during a move. Shake the box back and forth a little and see if you can feel anything moving. It should feel solid, and nothing should hit the box’s sides.
You will also need to make sure that the containers are properly sealed so that your fragile items don’t fall out. Plastic wrap will be the safest thing to use. To give your fragile items the best chance possible, you can heat the plastic so that it shrinks around each item. Put extra tape on the bottom of your box. No amount of padding will help if everything falls out of the bottom of the box when it is lifted. This is especially true for the things that are heavier.

4. Put labels on the containers that say “FRAGILE.”

All of your items should be handled carefully and securely, but putting a bright red FRAGILE sticker on the box will make people think more carefully about how to handle your items. These big, clear signs are enough of a warning that you don’t need to write down what is in each container.
If you don’t have these stickers, you can write “FRAGILE” on the containers with a thick black marker instead. Make sure this is written in big letters. The most important thing about this is the message. As long as the person carrying the container can see that it has fragile items inside, they will be extra careful when moving them.

5. Check the Weather Forecast

No matter how well and carefully you pack your things, water will find a way to ruin them. Even a light drizzle that lasts a few minutes can damage the boxes, make it harder for them to stay stacked, or let moisture get to the things inside. This is especially true if you’re moving long distance with the back of a truck and your things are exposed to the weather. You only need one random cloud of rain to completely ruin your move.

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